Guard Services

LTS Protective Services can provide your organization with trained and licensed personnel with expertise suitable to your specific security needs. We can accommodate short or long-term assignments, as well as temporary and ongoing assignments.

The following are examples of locations serviced by our uniform security guards’ division:

  • Shopping Malls and Retail Stores
  • Industrial / Commercial Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Construction Sites
  • Residential Neighbourhood
  • Private Residences
  • Private Parties
  • Live Concerts
  • Public Events
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Fire Watch
  • 24/7 Alarm Response Unit
  • Emergency Liaison Services
  • Banquet Halls
  • Funeral Homes
  • Key Holding Services
  • Car dealerships
  • Compounds

We can work on a per project or on contractual basis, depending on your needs and requirements. We have dedicated resources in place that enable us to offer our clients specific and tailored services. For instance, we are able to offer specialized security guards in differing uniforms as per location and venue requirements.

Mobile Services

In the event, your organization security requirements demand more than the static presence of a security guard (for access control or crowd control) we are able to provide your organization with Mobile Patrol security solutions that can check your property around the clock and year around for your peace of mind, as well the security of your property and valuable assets.

We work closely with the law enforcement agencies nationwide and, depending on the circumstances, we can alter our routine and add more mobile guards to deal with said situation.

Our team of dedicated uniformed security guards and marked patrol vehicles are highly visible and are available to monitor your residential or commercial property at random intervals, be it day or night, at your request. Overnight, weekend and holiday patrols can be assigned to do full exterior and/or interior checks of the premises. They can also be dispatched to your property by your alarm monitoring company should they receive an alert that is unaccounted for.

Additionally, mobile guard services may be hired for short-term jobs, such as residential spot checks while you are out of town. Further to this, long-term ongoing assignments, such as nightly patrols of your business, are available.

At the conclusion of each series of patrols, the mobile guard will complete a report of their activities and leave a copy on-site or email the report for your records.

Parking Enforcement

Unauthorized parking on private properties are a liability and there are problems associated with it which can be a stressful inconvenience that could negatively impact your business’ overall productivity.

Managing permits, posting signage and enforcing parking policy is one of our specialties. Members of our security staff are trained and certified by several municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area to address and act on parking complaints, surveying the property, and suggesting effective solutions to your specific issues. These are a sample of some of the many ways our security team can help your organization.

We can work with municipal authorities to ensure that your property is in full compliance with signage and permit requirements to allow effective enforcement. Once your property passes inspection, we can carry out patrols according to your needs and facilitate any ticketing or towing requirements.

Our team of professionals, while on patrol, can notice abandoned vehicles and report them to the authorities aiding the stolen vehicle recovery process.

We can also work at special events, ensuring the safe and unobstructed movement of vehicles in and out of designated parking areas as well as looking after the safety of pedestrians and/or guests.

CCTV & Live Monitoring

Remote video monitoring technologies have made a massive impact on the security sector and by adopting latest advances of live broadcasting video equipment, we are now able to monitor entire sites, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, from a safe and remote location. From here, dispatch personnel are in charge of directing emergency calls out either to one of our own team of Mobile Patrol that are roaming the city 24/7 and/or any other specialized parties such as police, fire services, paramedics, and alarm technicians.

LTS offers comprehensive security solutions for your property, assets and personnel; that is working 24 hours a day, all year round for a peace of mind and worry free protection. Our team of professionals possess a wide array of unique skills, from IT technicians, control room surveillance, to mobile security guards trained to deal with various situations and scenarios.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), DVR FPV Recorders, and alarm installation are an integral part of any security plan, from a residence to the workplace and public places. The system usually has many subsystems, such as; Alarms, Sensors, Cameras, Monitors and Recording systems, all combined are considered an essential protection and preventative measure that can provide an added sense of safety and a deterrent tool reducing criminal activities if not eliminating it altogether. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to tailor the system according to your needs and we can build the system as well as develop the security plan in accordance with your budget.

Loss Prevention

Retail ‘Loss Prevention’ (LP), colloquially known as “shrinkage”, addresses the issue of deliberate human actions that cause loss to a retail operation, such as theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, and misconduct. Loss prevention is an important preventative measure to help the retail sector improve. their bottom lines and overall contribution to their business operation. As well, it helps to protect your staff and suppliers indirectly.

LTS offers a professional, reliable service in the area of loss prevention. We have experienced, bonded and licensed security guards available to work around the clock to meet ensure loss prevention is minimized.

Close & Executive Protection

We offer comprehensive protection arrangements tailored to meet the specific needs of key corporate executives, including protection within the office, secure ground transport, and escorted air travel.

We can tailor our executive protection services to fit the specific needs of the client’s executives and their families. We recognize the individuality of each client’s needs and can adjust our personnel accordingly.

Our team of professionals consists of both male and female close protection agents, able to work around the clock to provide security in the most protective, efficient and non-intrusive manner while responding to all situations, details, and variables.

We can provide our clients with a full solution package that includes:

  • Risks and threat assessment
  • Vehicles with specialized drivers
  • Travel and tour security accompaniment
  • Route planning and securing of premises and venues
  • Security analysis (consultation before and after events/functions)


LTS K9 is a part of the LTS Protective Service Group, a fully Canadian operated and family owned business with our Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.  LTS is committed to keeping pace with the continually changing needs and challenges of the 21st century, challenges such as the current terrorist and active shooter epidemic.  To this end, we commit ourselves to ongoing professional K9 handler training and development. “Our client-first” mandate drives us to respond quickly and proactively to any concerns or issues presented to us or our specialised K9 Teams.

LTS K9’s are purchased from VWK9 and our handlers are trained in their 320 acre academy with their Law Enforcement training division. VWK9 is the World’s leading K9 centre of excellence based in Anniston, Alabama. They procure their dogs from Auburn Universities Canine Performance Science Program and from mainland Europe’s leading K9 kennels.

VWK9’s handler education program is World renowned, amongst both Law Enforcement and commercial organizations. LTS K9 only use floppy eared friendly K9’s for our detection services so your clients and patrons can be assured of a non-threatening approach to terrorist and criminal activity mitigation. All our dogs are trained on Live substances only and all LTS K9 Explosive and Narcotics Detection Canine Teams are certified to North American Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) Certification standards.

Medical Response

LTS Protective Services can provide on-site First Responders who can administer Basic Life Support and deal with most types of medical emergencies. By providing on-scene treatment, we can decide if further medical care is required and subsequently contact local EMS services to arrange for transport and advanced care.

First aid is the first point of medical assistance for someone who is injured or ill. It is the initial stage of treatment before a patient may require further treatment by a medical service. In the case of injury or illness, a first responder may ultimately maintain the situation until treatment can be provided by a health professional or doctor.

LTS Medical Response work with each of our clients to create a safe environment for attendees and employees. Understanding that all events and venues are unique in size and scope, our team will work with you to develop the right size medical team for your event/venue. As the nature of any event, large or small, can be unpredictable, it is a requirement for event organizers to provide sufficient first aid to ensure that any case of injury or illness can be dealt with appropriately. When assessing risk and planning the first aid required for your event there are a number of things to consider. These include but may not be limited to; the number of spectators and event staff, event environment, time of year (weather conditions, etc), distance to emergency hospital, and planned attendance by other emergency services. The number of first responders required will also depend on the event, but a minimum level of emergency management capacity should be present.

From schools, private events, corporate galas,  to festivals. Contact us today for further information.